Take a deep breath!
You're going to need it as you begin to consider all of the varied parts of the financial, legal and personal ways you have before you when
planning for this major and truly inevitable family event.

Funeral arrangements are one of the realities of life...
...and one of the most neglected areas of financial planning. Studies have shown that families who have not pre-planned often spend
more for the funeral event of a loved one. Planning for your own death will relieve your loved ones from making these decisions when
they are emotional.

Sometimes it's hard to see the whole picture before the pieces are put into place.
We know you have questions...important questions that need to be answered for you to be "settled" about your choices in planning
ahead. The following pages will highlight many of the most popular questions asked today regarding the complex nature of planning
ahead. With these questions answered, you will be well on your way to understanding the options that meet your needs.

Putting the pieces together
Preplanning should include the type of service desired, whether traditional or contemporary, burial or cremation, or something way
beyond the ordinary. This is the best time to pro-actively choose what fits your family best. Next, consider the selection of a casket or
urn and vault, and uniquely personal options available that give you the opportunity to express yourself the way you think best. At
Tanzyus-Logan, our knowledge and experience can help you pick the features most important to you. Our overall lower pricing
structure means that we can show you ways to acquire what you have in mind, and our caring staff is available to help you finish that
picture puzzle with ease, as each detailed piece is added to the plan you have in place.
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Decisions are made
with a clear mind and purpose,
without the stress of an immediate need.
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