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In partnership with Homesteader's Life
Company and CFL (Catholic Fraternal
Life), both insurance funding mediums
with support and commitments to
excellence will provide secure financial
resources for a future funeral need.
Often a funeral service for larger
gatherings of family and friends, usually
at a church with an encouraging
spiritual message.
A gathering of family and friends that
reflects a personal aspect or favored
location of the person that has died.  A
time of reflection and a variety of speakers
can enhance cherished memories.
An exclusive service option designed and
executed by our company where the  
procession to the cemetery is more about
the journey than the destination.
A special focus on "Honoring those Who
have Served", with  military tributes for
remembering your veteran.
A way to say your "good-byes" at the
cemetery.  Especially nice during the
seasons of Spring and Fall, and when you
are expecting a smaller group to gather.  
A funeral without the body present, many
times held after a private burial.   We can
direct one at a church, service club or
anywhere you feel would be appropriate.
Cremation is one of the fastest growing
services among families today.  We
provide from the directly simple to the
memorable elaborate.     
You choose.  No regrets!
We give families a true sense of thinking  
"outside the box".  We understand that
each family has a unique need to
personalize the funeral of their loved one,
in the way that
THEY see fit,.. and so we
consistently offer a fresh perspective with
a set of "new eyes" to see what is available
and relevant to the families we serve.  
You may need our services while out of
town, or prefer to send your loved one
beyond Illinois. We can be your
connection, here to there and back.

We listen first,... then
follow through with what you want.