We sell only quality goods.  Our company offers
products from the best of manufacturers and distributors in the
industry today. We keep up with the newest products and trends
and go "Beyond the Ordinary" so that our families have a wide
selection of personal and meaningful memorials, for the best
overall pricing  structure. The vendors we use, back up their
products with warranties that are some of best in their field.

As licensed funeral directors, and a well-known funeral provider,
we have access to top quality products that are American made,
and not even  available to "internet sellers ", "curbside"  or
cemetery "salesmen".    Our overall pricing structure is the lowest
in the area when comparing "apples to apples".  

There is truly a "buyer beware" problem when choosing products
outside of reputable funeral provider establishments.  Although
you as a consumer have the "right" to purchase them, and use
them, you may be very disappointed with that "do-it-yourself"
selection in both quality and value, as compared to what is
available to you through us and the true investment you will be
making in the quality of goods and the final price being  paid.    

Consumer Alert,...
Area wide, we have noticed some "door-to-door"
salesmen offering a man's 18 gauge "veteran's
special" casket and a women's
18 gauge "rose special" styled casket for sale for
about $3900. each.  

(Click here to see for yourself the poor paint
job and rust we found on these
"promotional" caskets)

This is a great example of your ability to do some
extended checking and find out for yourself what is
being offered to you. Be an informed consumer!  
Some questions for your concerns might include
"Who is the manufacturer" and "Where is it made"?  
Thankfully, the United States still has quality casket
manufacturers that take great pride in their work.  
Our U.S. manufacturers do not leave their final
product exposed to the elements in ocean crates
for warehouse storage,
but in climate controlled, clean settings.
At Tanzyus-Logan we can provide the better option
18 Gauge Metal, protective caskets
that have a similar "visual" appeal
Our price  : $2399.00
Visit with us at our office:
3085 Kandy Lane
Decatur, Illinois  62526
by email at
or contact us by phone,
anytime please call   
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