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           Dealing with Grief During the Holiday Season

                                                  10 things to help get you through this difficult time

Grieving the loss of a loved one is a deep and difficult challenge at an time.
But the holiday season can magnify your sense of loss and mourning.  Family gatherings and seasonal events
can be painful reminders of the absence of a love one.  At the same time, they can also be comforting rituals
where you spend time with family and friends focusing on good memories and trying to recapture your sense of
joy.  If you are mourning a loss of a loved one this year, here are some important things to keep in mind.
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                                                                                                                                    article by Amy Goyer, AARP
                                  Grief and the Holidays

Feelings of grief and loss can be especially intense around holidays and holy days.

Kelly Baltzell, M.A., CEO of Beyond Indigo, stresses the importance of taking care of yourself during this time
of the year:

The holidays take considerable energy. Put both together and you have the potential of being exhausted and
even sick by the time the celebrations are over. It is important to:
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Holiday Resources
                              Grieving During the Holidays

Soon we will be hearing people wishing each other happy holidays. But for many, it will be anything but happy.
The holidays always bring a special challenge to those in mourning. Whether it is the Fourth of July,  
Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, or Christmas, each special day reminds us of time we shared with our loved one and
the things we used to do together. Waves of memories can overwhelm us. We begin to worry and dread the
upcoming events. We wonder if we are going to survive and how we will manage. Many times the anticipation is
worse than the realization, and other times it can be just as bad as or worse than we anticipated. What is needed
is a way to cope and come through the experience in one piece.
You might find the following suggestions helpful:
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